Railways in Iran

After a successful Iran tour in 2016, we changed the itinerary, added some lines, including the electrified one in Tabriz, and asked for more railcar services to reach positions which are really off the beaten track

Iran Logistics Industry

Iran utilizes Railway, Road, Air and Sea to transport goods through the country as well as to facilitate international trade between countries. At present over 90% of all cross border trade is conducted via Seaway, whereas the majority of domestic trade takes place via Roadways.

Iran Automotive Industry Outlook 2025

Iran also looks at its automotive industry as an important sector for exporting its products to neighboring countries. Several national brands exist, such as Iran Khodro, SAIPA, Pars Khodro, Kerman Khodro, and Bahman that produce a variety of different models (such as Samand, Tiba, Dena, etc). IKCO …

A perspective on the Iranian upstream oil & gas industry

The size of the Iran’s hydrocarbon reserves presents indisputable significant potential, boasting the world’s largest proven gas deposits and fourth-largest proven oil reserves. Ambitious targets have been set across the upstream sector for the next four years, with plans to nearly double oil …

Iran Mining Industry Based on the 20-Year Perspective 2025

Iran has had an active mining sector for some 7000 years. Exceptional in terms of its mineral diversity, Iran produces 62 minerals, and is ranked among the world’s 15 most mineral-rich countries. Many people around the world know Iran as one of the major petroleum exporters. Oil and natural gas …

Doing Business in IRAN

On January 16, 2016, “Implementation Day,” sweeping changes to the international sanctions regime targeting Iran came into force. The implementation comes six months after the historic signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between the E3/EU+3 (Germany, France, the United …

Foreign Investment Promotion in Iran

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action entered into by the E3/EU+3 (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the European Union, China, Russia and the United States) with Iran on July 14, 2015 has paved the way for the prospect of an increase in long term investments by Western companies in Iran …

Renewable Energy in Iran

Iran is becoming a highly attractive emerging market for renewable energy projects. The government announced the target of 5,000 MW of installed capacity from renewable power plants in the next five years and has implemented laws guaranteeing power purchase for a period of up to 20 years at very …

A new dawn for Swedish Business in Iran

This report by Business Sweden, A New Dawn for Swedish Business in Iran, sets out the political, economic and legal parameters for Swedish companies in the Iranian market. It shows the steps Swedish companies need to take to manage export activities in Iran and to establish business operations …

Iran Tourism

Impressive archaeological sites, carefully planned museums, and ecological wonders await the curious traveler in Iran, a country that has something for everyone.

Agriculture in Iran

Agricultural is one of the most important sectors of the Iranian economy, accounting about 11%of GDP, 23%of the employed population and 15%of the foreign exchange revenues (form nonoil exports)

Iran Industry & Mining

Steel, weaving, food processing, car, electrical and Electronics Industries are among the key industries in the Iran.

Iran Strategic Position

Islamic Republic of Iran with an area of 1،648،196 sq.km and nearly 76.03 million populations has been located in South- West Asia.

Will Electric Truck Work?

IT'S BEEN NEARLY a year since Elon Musk revealed his intention to electrify the world's roads with buses and trucks in addition to Tesla's passenger cars. He hasn't said much about the 18-wheeler—a proper unveil is set for September—except that it will use same motors as the upcoming Model 3, …

Biodiesel Fuel Becoming Viable Alternative to Conventional Diesel Fuel

New and innovative fuel sources are currently being developed in an attempt to find alternative energy sources to replace conventional fossil fuels.  The effort is focused on finding a viable fuel source that would reduce our dependence on foreign oil and ultimately produce the next major source of …
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