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Steampacket Boiler

The steam packet boiler is of three pas, wet back, fully packaged type of fusion welded construction.
Each boiler is constructed in accordance with British Standard Specification 2790 and incorporates full quality assurance. All boilers are subject to inspection by an independent authority …

Garma Gostar

   Telephone: +98 21 8751061-3

Power Plants Construction

Thermal, Hydro, Combined Cycle and Gas Power Plants Construction and Erection.

Nasb Niroo Company has participated in construction of more than 20 power plants including gas, thermal, combined cycle and hydro. The construction of these power plants aims to produce 8,000 MW of energy, …

Nasb Niroo Company

   Telephone: (+98) 21 – 96663001

Power Transmission Lines

Implementing of Power Transmission Lines in Various Voltages and Destinations.

Implementing the total of 10,000 kilometers of power transmission lines in various voltages within the country and 250 km of power transmission lines outside the country (Senegal) as well as installation of …

Nasb Niroo Company

   Telephone: (+98) 21 – 96663001


Hydropower Plants Department and Factory Equipment:
Based on our country's developing policies and localizing the basic industry technology, departments’ goals are de fined in forms of GC and EPC. Based on our 20 years of experiences from abroad training courses and using our unique …


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A Preface On The Boilers:
Many centuries ago, human being found out the power of steam, but using industrial steam boilers started from 1712. They were made of lead or wood producing pressure a little more than atmosphere. In 1725, Histech boilers with steel riveted plates and proportional …


   Telephone: +98 (0) 21 84921

Hydro Power Plants

Type of Contranct: E.P.C
Location: Iran, Mazandaran province, 125 Kilometers north of Tehran city on Chalus river.
Type of Plant: Underground (Pump Storage)
Number of Units: 4 Units of 250 MW
Capacity: 1000 MW
Turbines: Vertical Francis Turbines, 500 rpm


   Telephone: +98 21 8890 0042 - 44, +98 21 8890 3117 - 19
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