EU parliament supports EIB’s work with Iran

The European Parliament has granted permission to the European Investment Bank (EIB) to do business in Iran as Europeans scramble to devise mechanisms aimed at saving the 2015 nuclear deal without the US and protecting their commercial ties with Tehran in the face of returning American sanctions.

Doing Business in IRAN

On January 16, 2016, “Implementation Day,” sweeping changes to the international sanctions regime targeting Iran came into force. The implementation comes six months after the historic signing of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between the E3/EU+3 (Germany, France, the United …

Federation of Iranian Food Industries Association

About Us Federation of Iranian Food Industries Association was established in 2003 with involvement of active associations in the field of food industries in the country. The goal of the federation is making coordination between associations in order to keep contact with regulatory; handling …


SEPAHAN INDUSTRIAL GROUP CO. (SIG). (A public joint stock company), was established in 1973 for manufacturing steel tubes and pipes in Iran. Nowadays after over 40 years of hard work using the expertise of dedicated staff and the stability of its management team, SIG has become a major and pioneer …

Platin Iran company

Platin Iran company enjoy 35 years of records and backgrounds in manufacturing at electrical Auto Parts, technical and engineering parts and finally various industrial batteries (2 volt, 12 volt and Nickel-Cadmium), has the honor to be one of the leading industrial manufacturer in industrial area of …

Brief of ASSOMES Presentation

Because of human resource orientation, Iran footwear industry is one of historical business in this nation. Also, in transferring from traditional economy toward industrialization, many of Iran footwear companies could achieve mass production technology and expand their market share at macroeconomic …

Iranian Vegetable Oil Industry Association

Iranian Vegetable Oil Industry Association (IVOIA) was founded in 1996 to help and foster the development and expansion of vegetable oil industry. The IVOIA was recognized as one of the United Nation’s Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) in 2013. At the Present time the Association is has 66 …

Iranian Lighting Manufacturers Association

The association of manufacturers of electric lights in Iran was founded in 1997 by a group of experts and manufacturers of lights and lighting systems. The aim was to develop the knowledge and technology of electric lights manufacturing as well as solving the producers’ problems and planning for …

Iran Industry & Mining

Steel, weaving, food processing, car, electrical and Electronics Industries are among the key industries in the Iran.

Iran Strategic Position

Islamic Republic of Iran with an area of 1،648،196 and nearly 76.03 million populations has been located in South- West Asia.

9 Must-Read Books For Doing Business in Iran

Getting ready for business in Iran won’t be as simple as picking up the latest business bestseller at an airport bookstore. There are essentially no quality English-language books specifically about doing business in Iran

Association of Iran Textile Industries

Association of Iran Textile Industries, previously called Syndicate of Iran Cotton and synthetic Textile Industries, was established in 1961. Its main objectives are relied on promotion of position and situation of textile industry, continuous improvement of quality of products through different …

Iranian Association of Hygienic Cellulose Industries

Iranian Association of Hygienic Cellulose Industries has a background of nearly 22 years. In 1987 a number of cellulose industry entrepreneurs with common points of views gathered together as the Council of Hygienic Cellulose Industries which then changed its name into Iranian Syndicate for Hygienic …

Iran Unbound: Infrastructure Opportunities

Iran, the Middle East’s second-most-populated country, after Egypt, and its second-largest economy, after Saudi Arabia, shows clear potential in its infrastructure sector for Hong Kong companies in the wake of the lifting of nuclear-related international sanctions in January 2016.

Linde resumes activity in Iran

Linde Group resumed its activities in Iranian market by granting its exclusive license to an Iranian company called Axon Machine Ariana, IRNA reported on Friday.

Iran means business

A team at International Research Networks (IRN) organised an excellent Iran Business Symposium on Feb. 21+23, 2017, at the Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam. It was attended by Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Italy, and many other EU countries and beyond.
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