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The association of manufacturers of electric lights in Iran was founded in 1997 by a group of experts and manufacturers of lights and lighting systems. The aim was to develop the knowledge and technology of electric lights manufacturing as well as solving the producers’ problems and planning for exporting Iranian lights to both regional and international markets. The original founders were: 1. SamimiNejad (Fadjr Co.) 2. Ahmadizadeh (Jahan Noor Co.) 3. Shahkouee (Mazi Noor Co.) 4. Visseh (Arm Co.) 5. Zarbafi (Novaform Co.) 6. Fathi (Noorsazan Co.) and 7. Ploundeh (Electro Zar Co.).

After composing the article of association, the originators finalized their duties by holding the first general assembly in 1998. In the first assembly, the article of association was unanimously approved by the associates. In the second general assembly, some articles were altered. It is one of the main goals of the associates. In the second general assembly, some articles were altered. It is one of the main goals of the association which was referred to at the first article to provide the equipments, to raise the public awareness and to achieve professional expertise by maximum cooperation of the associates to achieve self – sufficiency in manufacturing of electric lights in Iran. Since it is impossible to achieve such a goal without full collaboration of the associates, it is now under execution by formation of expert committees and full time presence of the association members. It is also a major task of the association to provide financial aids for R&D activities. Another task of the association is to improve the production methods to win international standards in cooperation with related authorities and to inform the associates about the executive orders of the government. The present board of directors who were selected during the last general assembly consists of the following people: 1. Habib SamimiNejad (head of board of dirctors) 2. Farhan pourAzari (vice president) 3. Hosein Ahmadizadeh (treasurer of the board) 4. AliAsghar Salbi (associate) 5. Asghar Amini (associate) 6.Naser Azadi (associate) 7. Fereydoon Golkar (associate) , The provisional members are Hussein Fathi and AliAsghar Hasani, Inspector: Ali JavadZadeh Tabatabaee, Provisional inspector: Hamid MirFakhraee. While appreciating the Iranian Organization of Business Development for its efforts to raise export level of products manufactured by the member companies of the association and aiding the publication of the present book, the management expects the academeicians, company mangers and other private and public companies to present their views to help the association achieve its goals.

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