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Iranian Vegetable Oil Industry Association (IVOIA) was founded in 1996 to help and foster the development and expansion of vegetable oil industry. The IVOIA was recognized as one of the United Nation’s Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) in 2013. At the Present time the Association is has 66 members. The affairs of the Association are being managed by the Board of Directors, headed by the President.

The IVOIA was established:

  • To recognize the Industry’s Problems in Order to Solve Them;
  • To promote the Exploitation of Resources and Production Capacity;
  • To do Scientific Researches Within and out of the Country;
  • To fulfill the Industry’s Needs;
  • To train the Human Resources;
  • To create Job Opportunity;
  • To have Constant Relationship with the Governmental Organizations;
  • To take Part in Legal and Governmental Decision MakingProcess;
  • To strengthen Production, Distribution and Export of Vegetable Oil and its by Products;
  • To absorb Investment, New Technologies and Experts Labor Force.


The IVOIA’s Activities:

  • Preparation for Growth and Usage of New Technology;
  • Participating in Internal and Overseas Exhibitions;
  • Establishing Educational Training and Conventions;
  • Publication of Scientific Books and Articles of Vegetable Oil Industry;
  • Giving Consultation on Laws and by laws;
  • Establishing Internal and Overseas Exhibitions;
  • Translation of Scientific Articles of Vegetable Oil Industry;
  • Active Participation in Enforcement of Standards Code


Aftabgardan Magazine

Aftabgardan Magazine has beenpublished by Iranian Vegetable Oil Producers and Exporters Federationsince 2007. This monthly and only publication is specialized on vegetable oil, crushing and oil seeds.

The main issues being published and discussed in the magazine are the followings:

  • Essays on Vegetable Oil Industry, Nutritional Findings, Agriculture Technologies;
  • The Latest News of Industry;
  • The Vegetable Oil and Crushing Production and Distribution Statistic;
  • The International Price List of Vegetable Crude Oil and Oilseeds.



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