Secretary of Iran Management Consultants Association (IMCA)

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IMCA at a glance Due to the growth and expansion of industrial activities and the development of Economic Enterprises of the country, and consequently increase of the need for management consulting services, Association of Management Consultants of Iran was established on 9/6/1998 by the efforts of some of the pioneers in the management consulting sector of Iran with the aim of organizing the profession and was registered as Employers Association of Management Consultants of Iran in the Office of Employees and Employers organizations, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Now with over 800 corporate members and 400 active members as the only comprehensive union in Iran’s consulting profession in all subfields, in the middle of the second decade they have used their sincere and continuous efforts to promote the profession of management consulting work.

 Vision of the Association on the 2017 horizon:

The most pervasive union with universal credit, the reliable base of management consulting profession and the pioneer in the comprehensive development of the country’s management systems



Promoting the profession, effectiveness, economic efficiency and protecting the rights and legitimate interests of management consultants as well as the promotion of management culture as a science in order to increase productivity, quality and sustainable economic and social development according to the local and national characteristics



Iranian consultant, international credit


Strategic objectives:

1 - Providing appropriate support, academic and welfare services for the members of association (in terms of quantity and quality and at the national level)

2 – Becoming the only authority to validate and organize management consultants in the country

3 - Becoming a qualified source for scientific management and management consulting, nationally and regionally

4 – Establishing intelligent, effective and constructive communications with global scientific and administrative centers

5 - Creating sustainable revenue sources for the association

6 - Creating a suitable atmosphere and active presence to presenting consultation to the senior managers of the country based on state of art management science

7 - Engaging stakeholders in the association

Core values:

1 - Adherence to professional ethics and efforts to promote the profession of management consulting

2 – Aligning union and profession interests of the association members with the general interests of the country and society

3 - Continuous upgrade of the professional capabilities of members and promoting the learning culture

4 - Trustworthiness, honesty, and protecting the rights of employers

5 - Avoiding political orientation and efforts for sustainable economic and social development of the country


Contact US:

Address: 3rd floor, No.70, Mehdinejad Alley, Fourth Str. Jalal Al Ahmad Ave., Tehran, Iran 1446663414

Phone: +98 (21)88246929-30 & +98 (21)88248547-8


Source: Secretary of Iran Management Consultants Association (IMCA)