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Because of human resource orientation, Iran footwear industry is one of historical business in this nation. Also, in transferring from traditional economy toward industrialization, many of Iran footwear companies could achieve mass production technology and expand their market share at macroeconomic environment. In all of these years, most important anchor in footwear industry was human resource and focusing on their capability development.

On the basis of last expert’s estimates, more than 500,000 people (directly or indirectly) are working at Iran footwear industry in designing, producing, selling and servicing fields. Also, Tehran, Tabriz, Mashhad, Qom, Isfahan, Hidaj (in Zanjan), and the other cities have most important rules in Iran footwear industry development.

In terms of company size, the latest statistics shows that 58% of firms have fewer than 9 workers (that called homemade firms), 37% of firms have between 10-49 workers (small firms), 2% of companies have between 50-149 workers (medium firms) and finally 3% of companies have more than 150 workers (enterprises). To despite of this, in terms of producing share, medium size firms and enterprises cover 65% and small firms cover only 35% of producing volume.

In addition to the high potential level of job creating, Iran footwear industry gains first rank in Middle East market volume and 12th rank in volume producing around the world with producing 201 million pair of shoes and other footwear at 2015.
From international commerce approach, Iran footwear industry has considerable export advantages. On the basis of Iran custom organization, value of two pairs exported leather shoe is equal by one oil bottle.

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