Investment opportunities of IRAN

 Investment opportunities of IRAN 

Agriculture and processing industries, Energy, Industry & Mines, Infrastructure, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Privatization Opportunities, Tourism


Agriculture and processing industries

  1. Establishing a green-house in Jolfa sub-province
  2. Industrial salutary for light & heavy
  3. Cage aquaculture (Cage culture)- Chaharmahal and Bakhtyari
  4. 4-season sprout production (by hydroponic method) 
  5. Bearing 240 head of milk cows
  6. Dairy Production Sari
  7. Edible Mushroom Growing with 70 tons a year  - Sari     
  8. Farming 2000 milk cows
  9. Farming 3500 sheep
  10. Fish Farming Centers of Morad kolari               
  11. Founding 3400 Ton Cooling Unit with Freezing Saloons with 0,-20, and -40 o c  Babolsar
  12. Fruit and juice concentrate and canned asparagus and tomatoes
  13. Growing asparagus and other plants 
  14. kiwi powder production
  15. Packaging Protein Materials 
  16. Leather Manufacture from Caviar Fish and Meat/Protein Packaging Sari
  17. Packaging Protein Materials 
  18. Packed Mineral Water
  19. pasteurized butter of Nasim Sabbah Mazand
  20. production of bio-gas in order to retrieve energy from agricultural, industrial and urban wastes               
  21. Tomato sauce and jelly production
  22. Vitaminated Fish Oil Gelatin Capsule



  1. Bastak10 MW Wind Power Plant
  2. 100MW Wind Farm in Khaf
  3. 25 MW AzadeganPower Plant
  4. Construction of combined cycle power plant with 1000 MW capacity
  5. Milnader 100MW wind farm
  6. Nema Gas Fired Power Plantwith a capacity of500 MW
  7. Qeshm5 MW Wind Power Plant
  8. Rehabilitation of the electrical energy distribution network structure for reducing the electrical losses in  parsian city
  9. Hydro-electric power plant of Shahryar dam


Industry & Mines

  1. Alumina production from Navid Group’s Bauxite mine
  2. Brick production unit
  3. Colorful Aluminum Sheet Production in ghaemshahr
  4. Establishment of Cement Factory
  5. Ferrovanadium Extraction and Production Unit from Titano menitit Sari
  6. herbal refinery 
  7. Industrial , Medical, and Nutritional Starch Manufacture in babolkenar
  8. North Steel Bar Production Unit Mahmoud Abad
  9. Produce all kinds Herbal creams (skin rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle and anti-stain and. (...
  10. Producing alumina from Nephelyne cynite
  11. Steel bar Mazandaran
  12. The production of concrete pieces and ready-made concrete




  1. Tabriz Subway 3rd line


Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

  1. Sahar Oil Refinery (40,000 BPD Iranian heavy export crude oil)


Privatization Opportunities

  1. Agricultural Support Services Co.
  2. Bahman Geno Co.
  3. Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Co.
  4. Damavand Petrochemical Co.
  5. dehdasht petrochemical Co.
  6. Dehloran Sepehr petrochemical Co
  7. Esfarayen Industrial Complex
  8. Haft tapeh Cane Sugar Co.
  9. Haft tapeh Cane Sugar Co.
  10. Haft tapeh Cane Sugar Co.
  11. Iran Silkworm Rearing Co.
  12. Iran Urban Development & Housing Co.
  13. Kazeroon Petrochemical Co.
  14. kermanshah oil refining co.
  15. Luleh Gostar Esfarayen co.
  16. maghare sazi Co.
  17. Manjil Green Electricity Co.
  18. Mashin Sazi Tabriz Co.
  19. Mashin Sazi Tabriz Foundry Co.
  20. Moghan Agro-industrial & Animal Husbandry Co.
  21. Nassaji ghaemshahr Co.
  22. National Iranian Drilling Co.
  23. Omran Techlar Co.
  24. Persian Gulf International Transportation Co.
  25. Persian Gulf Power Generation Co.
  26. Sefid Rood Agricultural Co.
  27. Sugarcane & affiliated industries development co.



  1. Tourism village around Ammand dam
  2. Constructing and equipping facilities -Reception(babolsar Farhangmehr)
  3. Construction and equipping of Mehdipour three-star hotel
  4. Farhangh Shahr Shiraz complex
  5. Fereshteh Pasargad hotel
  6. Heylag hotel (mr.abdolhossein manavi- amol)
  7. Integrated Services and Welfare (Mr.torabi nejad-tonekabon)
  8. Integrated Services and Welfare Gholipour
  9. International 5 Star Lotus Hotel 
  10. Recreation and sport center Mehrgah Mr. Mashhdban
  11. Recreation and tourism complex Shamsi Ghaderi
  12. The Entertainment City-Tran Tose`e
  13. Hamamlou tourism sample region