A perspective on the Iranian upstream oil & gas industry

The size of the Iran’s hydrocarbon reserves presents indisputable significant potential, boasting the world’s largest proven gas deposits and fourth-largest proven oil reserves. Ambitious targets have been set across the upstream sector for the next four years, with plans to nearly double oil …

Iran faces challenges realizing natural gas potential

With 33.5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, Iran has the largest conventional gas reserves in the world but the complexities in the political structure as well as regional uncertainties will continue to delay the realization of the country’s full gas potential.

Total developing own Iran banking channels

French energy giant Total says it is trying to develop its own mechanism to carry out Iran-related banking transactions without falling afoul of US primary sanctions that still restrict doing financial activities with the Islamic Republic.

BP to operate joint North Sea field with Iran

BP and Iran's state-run oil company received a license from the U.S. Treasury last year to operate their joint gas field in the North Sea following the lifting of Western sanctions on Tehran, BP said on Thursday.

Norway’s DNO to study key Iranian oil field

Iran has signed an agreement with Norway’s DNO to study the development of a key oil field which is believed to be jointly shared with Iraq in a yet another sign that shows Western companies are already welcoming the country’s lucrative post-sanctions investment opportunities.
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