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Company description: Parsian Farab is established in 2006 with the aim of fulfilling capabilities of the region in water industry. Parsian Farab is a leading provider of water purification systems and its related chemicals for industrial, potable and agricultural usage with a focus on desalination and water reuse by reverse osmosis, Nano-filtration and ultra-filtration. Along with construction of desalination systems, as a official partner of Chemipol compnay produce especial chemicals such as antiscalant, biocides, corrosion inhibitor and dispersant. Parsian Farab provides its clients with the best available technologies and high quality engineering by applying experience specialists in the design and construction of water purification and desalination systems. At Parsian Farab, we strive to extend and improve our systems, technology and chemicals hereafter. In order to achieve this purpose, Parsian farab has become a member of Persian Gulf Science and Technology Park and Society of Iran Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers as well. We aim at supporting our customers with cutting edge sustainable solutions, minimizing their operation cost as well as our end users get the most out of their water treatment system.


To become the leading manufacturer, solutions & integrated services provider of water treatment systems in challenging environments focusing on sustainable development. Meanwhile to have an outstanding prestige by producing environment friendly chemicals.


To provide “best in class” water treatment services and chemicals products throughout improvement driven by innovation and experienced employees, and providing products and services of outstanding quality to satisfy our customers.


Designing, construction and implementation of water treatment systems by EPC method.
Supplying and production of fresh water in the form of build-own-operate (B.O.O) And build-operate-transfer (B.O.T) co

Established year: 2005
Account type: Supplier and Buyer
Main markets: Iran, Middle East
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Address: Address: Unit 6 2th Floor 21 Eastern Ave South Kurdistan Highway Tehran Iran E-mail: parsianfarab
Telephone: +98-21-88229483, +98-21-88229586, +98-21-88229612
Fax: +98-21-88337146
Language spoken: English Persian Arabic

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