Caspian Petroleum Trading Agency

member code: 408
Brand name: CASPIAN Petroleum
Company description: CASPIAN is a Petroleum Trading Agency based in Germany, UAE and Iran.
With an established international presence, Caspian offers its customers mass scale supply of oil subsidiaries as well as cost-effective and timely services. Caspian bridges the supply and demand of petroleum and helps stakeholders make profitable business decisions owing to its rich consulting expertise in international trade.

CASPIAN is active in different countries to promote business and present solutions for international affairs regarding trade on a large scale.

We provide our clients time effective and cost-efficient solutions to fulfill their international demand.
We have achieved this reputation via bilateral cooperations with leading manufacturers, cargo fleets and using trade expertise.

Established year: 2014
Account type: Supplier and Buyer
Start export year: 2014
Number of employees: 5 to 10 people
Business type: Trading company   Agent   Distributor/wholesaler   Other  
The annual sales volume: 1 to 2.5 million dollars
Percent of annual exports: 41% to 50%
Main markets: Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Poland,
Average delivery time: 13 to 15 days
profile visit count: 353

Telephone: +9822238698
Mobile: +989199186338 , +49 176 29445367
Skype: Caspian Mabna
Language spoken: English German Persian
Responsible for communicate: Seyedali Mohsenian, Nima Babaahmadi

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