Iran gets 14 aircrafts this year

Iran should receive 14 new passenger aircraft this year under agreements signed with Airbus, Boeing and ATR planemakers, a government official has said.

Tehran Hosts Ibex 2017

he 11th International Exhibition of Flour and Bakery Industry, also known as Ibex 2017, opens Thursday at Tehran’s International Fair

China's new Silk Road: the One Belt One Road

China is aiming to re-create Marco Polo's ancient "Silk Road" that connected Europe to Asia. But instead of the camels and caravans that transported spices and silk hundreds of years ago, a $1.4 trillion network of modern trading routes would be built.

Iran open for business

After nearly forty years of strained international relations, the 2016 Iran nuclear deal marked a triumphant step in diplomacy and skillful détente. It seemed, finally, that this mysterious – sometime notorious – country might finally be fully open to foreign business and travel.

9 Must-Read Books For Doing Business in Iran

Getting ready for business in Iran won’t be as simple as picking up the latest business bestseller at an airport bookstore. There are essentially no quality English-language books specifically about doing business in Iran

Total preparing to do Russia-style Iran funding

Total has indicated that it plans to use the same solutions it employs for doing business in Russia under US sanctions, for a key gas project in Iran in case Washington reimposes sanctions against the country.

Iran faces challenges realizing natural gas potential

With 33.5 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, Iran has the largest conventional gas reserves in the world but the complexities in the political structure as well as regional uncertainties will continue to delay the realization of the country’s full gas potential.
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