Fuel Pipes

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Multilayer Fuel Lines:

Different types of fuel pipes categorized as following:
• Metal pipes
• Rubber hoses
• Polyamide pipes

- Why the use of metal pipes and rubber hoses has been abolished in latest design and production?

1-Use of clamps and rubber in connection of gasoline passage route: this type of Connection increase probability of leakage
2-Higher cost: The production and raw material cost are more expensive.
3- Low resistance against shock: those pipes are weak against shock and its probability to break when hitting an obstacle.
4- Higher permeability of rubber
5-Low resistance against environmental conditions in comparison with polyamide pipes.

Using polyamide multilayer component provides the following advantages:

- Polyamide pipes are flexible in forming and can be used in any path to transfer the fuel from to the engine.

- In multilayer pipes the barrier materials in middle layer decrease gasoline emission into the environment.

- Using quick connections in the routes of gasoline path increase the safe assembly. These joints are classified based on the following functions:

1. Quick connections being resistant against high pressures for the braking system;
2. Quick connections 1rith the high electrical conductivity coefficient for using in routes in which it is probable happening of electrical sparks.
3. Quick connections with the low electrical conductivity coefficient for using in fuel supply routes.
4. Quick connections with extra lock fur paths with zero defect coefficients.
5. Quick connections which act like a valve when replacing
6. Quick connections with high endurance in high temperature oscillation.
7. Multi way or multisided quick connections.
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