Canister (Fuel vapor absorber)

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Hydro Carbon, HC gas, is diffused from incomplete combustion but and fuel supply system into the environment via following routes.

Diffusion of gasoline through the ventilation system of the fuel tank

Permeation of gasoline from the tank body and pipes

To prevent of diffusion by the ventilation system of the fuel tank we use a canister along the vapor route .Due to volatility of gasoline where is in contact with the atmosphere, the gasoline will evaporate In-fuel supply system design we should consider the sealing of fuel transmission line. When fuel consumption increased due to evaporation, it diffuses pollutants into the atmosphere more .On the other hand all routes of gasoline and tank must be in contact with atmosphere for pressure balance. The following figure shows the position of canister located along the route of gasoline vapor exit.

The vapor conduct toward engine after entering the canister, the extra vapor absorbs by carbon active then clean air finally enters the atmosphere.
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