desalination plant

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Project: SWRO-BWRO and DM Plant
Damavand petrochemical company intend to setup centralized utilities and power production/effluent treatment facilities in petrochemical zone phase 2 to supply whole of utilities for complexes and main offsite units. Following units are included in Damavand petrochemical company:
ASU plant, water treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant and incineration, power and steam generation and condensate polishing plant, sea water intake, interconnecting and offsite, firefighting unit and gas station units.
Source of raw water for the plants located in phase 2 is sea water. The sea water is supplied by intake system and then is used for different consumptions after required treatment in water desalination plant.
Water treatment plant of the complex is divided into following units:
- Filtration unit (Gravity sand filtration)
- R.O units (SWRO and BWRO)
- Demin and CCP unit
- First RO permeate water storage tanks and firefighting water feed pump station
- Service water storage tanks and pump station
- Cooling water make-up storage tanks and pump station
- Demin water storage tanks & pump station
- Potable water storage tanks and pump station
- Chemical unit
Wahang Saran scope of work in first phase:
- Basic and detail design of whole water treatment plant based on 400,000 m3/day
- Mixing, flocculation and filtration unit, 6160 m3/hr
- SWRO, 2115 m3/hr Permeate water in 5 units each 423 m3/hr
- BWRO, 1890 m3/hr Permeate water in 3 units each 630 m3/hr
- DM plant based on mixed beds, 780 m3/hr in 5 (4+1) column each 195 m3/hr

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