YU series electro-motors (75-450 KW)

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Product Name: YU series electro-motors (75-450 KW)

Details: Product Description: 3-phase electro-motors, of YU series, are induction asynchronous motors. They are considered as the most consuming electro-motors in the industry due to their cast iron shell. The rotor of these electro-motors is of the squirrel cage type injected with aluminum. They are cooled by air using an external fan. Their production capacity ranges from 75 ~450 KW and in 315~400mm frame sizes. According to customer orders, it is also possible to produce lower capacities and other frames for them. YU series have been designed to move mechanical devices without the use of special equipment such as machine tools, ventilators, pumps and etc. These motors have remarkable properties such as high efficiency, relatively high start-up or running torque, low noise, low vibration and reliable motion.

Description: YU Series electro-motors are air-cooled packet enclosures asynchronous Induction motors. Installation dimensions and characteristics of the output of these motors are based on IEC standards. Their degree of protection is IP 55, and their type of installation is IM B3 and IM B35.
The cooling method is also IC 411 with YD insulation class and B thermal class. This series have been designed based on the maximum ambient temperature of 40 ° C and the installation altitude is 1,000 meters above sea level. Otherwise, the output should be corrected according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Power supply voltage of this motor is 380 V with frequency of 50Hz. Different sensors can be installed according to customer's order on electric motor. The general characteristics of this series are listed below. It is also possible to manufacture specific electro-motors according to customer requirements.
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