Private Label Soft Drinks Aromatic Floral Thyme Water

1 piece (Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ))
Thyme, volatile oil (0.5-3.5%), bitter substance and tannin. The volatile oil content comprises, Tymol (20-50%), Carvacrol, Borneol, Cymol, Linaloal, Pinene and Flavons.
Advantages of Thyme Water?
1- Help to lose weight by accelerating burning of fats in the body,
2- In diabetic cases, helps in dropping down the level of blood sugar,
3- Accelerates blood circulation, eases spasm, and may also be used as urinative and intestine parasiticide.
4- Regulates the functions of digestion system, recovers intestine gases, and eases digestion.
5- It is an expectorant. Used in asthma, bronchitis and cold illnesses, as well as in the treatment of croup coughing.
6- It has characteristics as pain reliever and relaxer.
7- It can be used as gargle in tooth infections, mouth and throat wounds.
8- Drops down cholesterol.

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