SINA Peristaltic Pump

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Single-Channel and Multi-Channel Pumps
• Compact Design
• Fliptop Pump Head
• Reversible Flow Direction
• Easy Installation And Operation
• Maintenance-Free
• Versatility
• Accurate

The peristaltic pump is a type of positive displacement pump used for pumping a variety of fluids.The fluid is contained within a flexible tube fitted inside a circular casing (though linear peristaltic pumps have been made). Pump action is created by compressing the tube between rotating rollers and a track. Between each roller pass, the tube recovers to create a vacuum and draws in fluid. Complete tube closure provides the pump with its action, preventing backflow and eliminating the need for check-valves when the pump is not running.

Peristaltic pumps are very helpful when dispensing culture media, buffers or other solutions. As nothing but the tube touches the fluid, the risk of contamination in the pump is eliminated. These pumps have no valves, selas or glands and have a number of advantages over other pump types such as superior flow rate stability and metering accuracy, extensive chemical compatibility and inherently hygeinic. The SINA peristaltic pumps are perfect in the laboratory and manufacturing plant for continuous hard working.

feature :
Compact Design
This pump fits everywhere and can be moved easily.

Fliptop Pump Head
Allows for an easy and quick tubing exchange.

Compatible with tubing from 1 to 8 mm ID. Use a single-channel pump head and upgrade your model to multi-channel operation in just minutes with a different pump head.

Contamination Free Pumping
Ideal for shear-sensitive fluids, viscous sludge or slurries and aggressive acids and caustics.

Really Maintenance-Free
No expensive seals, valves, diaphragms or rotors to leak, clog or corrode.

Designed For Continuous Duty
24 Hours / 7 Days
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