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synfuels China Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Synfuels China") proprietary CTL technologies includes series of catalyst technologies, product upgrading technologies and catalysts, F-T process technology and industrial software technology, process and product analysis standards, and relevant auxiliary technologies.
Synfuels China owns the technology for the integration of low-temperature slurry-bed heavy distillates process and high-temperature light distillates process, and has systematically developed the simulation software for the simulation of all the processes in a CTL plant with relevant basic engineering process database from coal to the final oil products. As per the requirements of different clients, Synfuels China can carry out various activities, such as coal analysis, pre-planning, techno-economic analysis and product solutions, feasibility study at different scales using different feed coals, different gasifiers, different F-T catalysts, flexible product upgrading technology, and so on. Synfuels China prepares CTL process design packages with different capacity and related technical documents for its clients, providing effective guidance for the industrialization of the technology.

So far, Synfuels China has applied 137 patents for its technologies, and has been granted 29 international patents and 91 invention patents in China. In addition, Synfuels China has developed three national standards of CTL technology and has more than 510 publications. Synfuels China also has a copyright for CTL technology design software.

There are many high-quality and experienced technical experts in Synfuels China in R&D on processes and engineering, and design engineers. They provide technical support and consulting services on equipment design, construction, and commissioning.
 Technology services 

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