RBU Products

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The following products are produced and sold directly by the Refining Business Division:

1. Rubber Processing Oil:aromatic-based rubber processing oil is used as a lubricator and softing agent in manufacturing tyres and as a raw material in the plastics, chemicals and rubber industries.
2. TDAE Rubber Processing Oil:treated distillate aromatic extract, aromatic-based rubber processing oil, is an environmentally- friendly product used in the production of tyres and rubber.

3. Slack Wax:this is a by-product of the lubricant production process. It can be further processed to remove oil, color and odors and produce a range of wax products.

4. Medium N Paraffins Feed stock: this is typically a high-purity linear paraffins, hydro-treated kerosene, which in turn are mainly produced as intermediates in the production of detergent, plasticizer and similar materials

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