High sensitivity metal detector for food industry

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1. Digital and waterproof
2. High sensitivity and stability
3. Tunnel size can be done according to your requirements


Coso digital metal detector can be widely used in the detection for all kinds of food (frozen food, aquatic food, sugary food, candy, meat and birds and more), the pharmacy, instant soluble powder, chemical, soft drinks (coffee powder, sherbet ) and other industrial, which can detect metal out of the raw material or products (e.g. iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and more)
1. Micro processor based on digital system
2. Digital signal alarm
3. Password control
4. Product memory function
5. Continuous self-checking system
6. High immunity against vibration & product effect
7. English & multiply language operating menu
8. Made of stainless steel 304, fairly good waterproof
9. It accords with the demand of certificates: HACCP, QS, ISO 9000
10. Power source: AC 110/220V/380, 50-60Hz
 metal detector 

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