Drop pipe metal detector separators

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

1. Selected metal from powder product, widely used in food industrial and plastic
2. Can be installed directly to other machines
Coso series metal detecting separator can detect and separate the metal (Fe, brass, SUS and more) out of the product
It can be combined to the other packaging machine and the plastic injection machines
Once the machine finds the metal, it will exclude from the material
With this machine, your machine will not be easy damaged
Coso has 10 years of experience in designing and making machine according to customer's requirements


Small in size, can be easily installed with other machines
1. Detecting, controlling, and excluding are in one machine, easy to install
2. It can be very fast in separating all metal from powder material, which can save material waste
3. Height of installation: easy to install with other machines
4. Mainly used for grain shape material (diameter less than 8mm) with gravity fall input, used for food, plastic, chemical industries
5. The minimum detectable diameter of the metals can be as small as 0.4mm
6. English and multiple languages operating menu
7. Made of stainless steel, fairly good waterproof ability
8. According with the demand of certificates: HACCP, QS, ISO 9000
 metal detector separators 

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